*A dog slowly opens her eyes*

One day, Nyka the Pupper awoke to find herself suddenly lost in the caverns of the underworld! When did this happen?! HOW did this happen? Does she have any hope of escape?!

That depends on if you can help Nyka by beating all Nine fiery levels of HELL!


-Retro 2D Platforming!
-Graphics/Music/Writing by nykTV!
-9 'NES-HARD' Levels of HELL!

Developed in Pocket Platformer by the_l0bster : https://the-l0bster.itch.io/pocket-platformer (Not actually a legit NES game, Sorry!)

(!Let us know what you think! WE LOVE FEEDBACK!)

Thank you for playing, from all of us at nykTV!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(13 total ratings)
Tags2D, Dark, deadname, Furry, nyktv, pocket-platformer, Psychological Horror, Retro, Transgender
Average sessionA few seconds


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this is one of the best games i’ve played, the dialogue is a bit too quirky though


Muito bom eu amei o estilo simples, me envolveu muito na jogabilidade e pega até no Xbox amei


this was super fun cant wait for part 2 :)

aw thank you so much! I hope you enjoy part 2! https://nyktv.itch.io/you-did-a-bad-thing-nyk2-hellcity

..and also I am actually currently working on the part3/final part  this month so look forward to that too :3


Hi! We played your game on stream and really enjoyed it!


When you die in hell do you go to hell hell?

When you die in hell hell you go to hell hell hell hell hell hell hell? hell?! hell! :o


I Love It, it is really fun But also really Hard is there a save?


I think a few levels have a checkpoint. But that's pretty much it.


ah ya! I might be able to figure something out, though admittedly saving isn't a built in feature for the engine! Fwiw it is only 9 levels but I did try to make them extra hard to make up for the short length. The second game and the third game (which I'm working on now) are a bit more fairly balanced...maybe I could release an easy mode version for the first game too if that seems like something that people would be into?


Tricky little platformer.


thanks for playing:333

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Thank you for making! ouo/


TIME: 19:19:622

Very well done, I couldn't bring myself to stop. Simple controls, and enough challenge to frustrate but keep me engaged.


im awful at this game but i rly like it!


That was fun. I’m not normally any good at these sorts of technical platforming games but this was just the right challenge level for me, and I finished it in 12:41:315 with 38 deaths.

The only complaints I have are that the collision detection is a little too sensitive in some places (especially with fireballs and crumbling skull blocks), and sometimes it’s way too easy to re-trigger conversations with [DEADNAME]. For the latter it’d probably work well to have the conversation button be something other than the jump button.

That's some excellent feedback, I've noticed that jumping near npc's can be finicky too and you are not the first person to mention it, I'm contemplating seeing if i can either add in a cooldown or possibly swap which button activates dialog but idk! Thank you so much for playing too!


nice'n'cute :3 had trouble with the fireballs level

:) while that level is supposed to be brutal..I do often wonder if i didnt overdo it a bit there with the fireballs..


I really love it! <3 Very well made those platformers levels!!


thank you so much!