A port/remake of the nesgame TV-Chan's Great Escape!

This build features:

-17 Retro Puzzling Stages ( With 25 planned for the final release!)
-A fleshed out story featuring over 20 new cutscenes! (and more coming soon!)
-Original music/graphics/design by nykTV (that's me!)
-Parental Rebellion (now there's two of them!!)

Thank You for playing and PLEASE make sure to leave any feedback so that I can improve the final release! Also thanks to my patreon supporters who helped make this possible!

Updated 5 days ago
Published 16 days ago
TagsGame Boy, Game Boy ROM, gbc, gb-studio, Homebrew, nyktv, port, Retro, Sokoban, tv-chan


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Cute game! I love the color palettes you picked. You really have an eye for aesthetics! ^^ Can't wait for the finished story ✨

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'An eye for aesthetics' is going to live in my head without paying rent from now on 🙏☺️ that is so kind of you, hell coming from you too, I was recently thinking that you have an excellent sense of style yourself! Thankyou so much!


Fun! Puzzles were a touch easy (at least one had a completely unneeded key even, I think), but difficulty doesn't seem to be the goal here. The visual style does its job well, though I admit that in the case of the parents' corporate town plans I had no clue what I was supposed to be seeing there.

I enjoyed it and look forward to the finished project!


Tysm for the feedback! (There's an extra key?! I really must have missed that woops!) also that scene specifically had me worried it might be too small to make out...I definently think I'll re-make that screen possibly ^^;

Thanks for playing!


Yee, on the stage where you go around a big square loop pushing blocks into corruption. It's honestly longer to grab the key and go back around than it is to just use the key the intended way because you already need to grab the disk right next to the door, but if you do decide to double back around you just have that extra key for a bit.

On the upside, you don't carry it on to the next stage! But it might work just as well to only put one key in the loop and replace that first locked door with another corruption you can fill, effectively just making it a "shortcut" sort of one-way gate. Either way, it doesn't have a huge impact on the end result, it's just something I noticed while going through it.


Really like the uneasy corrupt looking cutscene visuals and matching soundscape.

Especially like how authentic the sound design is, very curious to know what tools you used for that :3


I've heard a few mentions of people liking the corrupt/glitchy style so thankyou! I think I'll likely try to only lean into it more then for this game.

As for the sound design I composed all of the music on my own in gbstudio3 and well a couple of the sounds in the intro are actually just sounds I ripped from a sound effects cd and tried compressing! I don't feel like they came out ideally , but passible if anything so I'm happy to hear someone enjoyed it anyway ^^; More sound effects are absolutely one of my priorities before I call this game finished.

Thanks for playing o/


Hello! I enjoyed playing this jam build! The puzzles were simple, but they were enjoyable. I had to restart only twice. I am interested in seeing where the story is going. At the moment, the parents feel very one-dimensional, and that's fine with me if that was the intention! I was expecting the parents to interact with the puzzles more in the later levels, especially because the later levels were very straightforward (I thought they might start throwing stuff at me or I would have to run away or something lol), so I think that could be something interesting in a full version! Thanks for creating this!

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I haven't heard much feedback on the story so I really appreciate your takes on this. Some of the one dimentionality I think is a bit intentional for sure, but part of it is just that the story isn't complete and a few things in the beginning are intentionally left kind of vague? That said I do want to bring some depth to those characters and sort of explain their place in the story so you've given me some good stuff to think about. ^^;

lastly uh, I've actually contemplated potentially implementing lives or some sort of hurt state, maybe that would make sense for the later levels especially ?
Thankyou for playing it!