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V3 is so much cooler of an experience. This is a HUGE improvement honestly over a game that was already fun before.

The movement is MUCH tighter and collectibles add a lot!

This is really nice game. I haven't beaten it fully yet but I'm definitely gonna 100% it and report back!


Really well done. I love how you used various objects and made them look like something completely different (in this case, to be a space theme). Also, it looks like you may have used the tracks as a decorative item across the levels. Really nice to see this level of creativity.


This is really cute! I really loved it! I think it'd be nice if your character moved a bit faster, and perhaps if there was an actual point (some kind of collectible reward) to optional terminals, but still, this was a really nice play!

thank you so much for the feedback!

the character will move faster in v.3 ^^